Monday, 19 September 2016

My Weekend

Last Friday I  went on my brother Chromebook  and played til three a clock pm crazy right but that's not it  after school I zoom into my bedroom and went to play gears for war 3  for 2.30 minutes then I got bored and went to christian’s Chromebook and played games  first I played  France war 1918 which was really then Strike force war that game was very very cool and last and least I played My friend Pedro  all these games were from y8 games .

The very next day I had to go to the doctors to get more cream and my brother’s medicine then we went to my cousins house and  ate some pizza and we went home  to watch some movies on christian’s Chromebook .

On Sunday we went to my cousin's church and stay there for 20 minutes and  then went home when we got home me and christian watch movies on 123movies till my dad told me and christian to go sleep .

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