Monday, 29 August 2016

My Weekend

Last weekend  on Friday me and my brother Christian  played Gears For War 3 we played matches on the virus game then played until midnight. “The” next day my family  went to the doctors to get more cream for me and my brother because I have some sores  and Christian has infection from Samoa.Then we went to buy some stuff for my lunch on Monday then me,Christian, and my sister  Serenity  went to my church’s game which was at the primary sport hall we did touch and Badminton with  Christian and volleyball which was for teenage and adults were allowed to play it . When we got home me and Christian zoomed in to our room and started to watch some movies on my brother’s Chromebook then we had to go sleep because my dad said me and Christian had to go sleep . On Sunday me and Christian played more gears for war 3 and at afternoon my dad said “do you two want to go walk” and  we both said “yes” but we said can we ride our bikes he said well you can so me and Christian got ready and started to ride . Then when we were almost got to  Pt England reserve  but I fell  down my bike and had scratches on my hand and legs but never gave up so I got up and ride my bike to the park  that was at the reserve I was swinging   on the swing. When we got home me and Christian showered and we watch turbo and went to sleep.   


  1. Well done Giovanni, this is an awesome story about your weekend. Good on you for using capital letters and commas! It is so sad that you fell over and hurt yourself :(

  2. What was the name of the movie?
    I think that you should add pictures.
    I really liked the story.

  3. What a wonderful story.I loved how you added speech marks.Maybe you could add a bit more detail
    Keisha room 9 Hamilton East School

  4. You could've added the name of the movie? I loved how you have added heaps of punctuation! Maybe you should break some of the story down into short pieces?

    Alexus.A Room8

  5. wow I cant believe that you write that. maybe you should have more full stops, and commas because I was out of breath. but great job I like the way you explain what you had done in your weekend.

    by Racheal room 8