Monday, 25 July 2016

The Ancient Olympic game's

The first ancient Olympic games took place about 3000 years  ago in     Olympia, Greece.The games were Held in  honour  Zeus  the king of the gods and they happen every 4 years. In the beginning the games were  just sort running races  for Greek men to keep fit for war.there was only 1 winner and the winner got a crown of   olvis leaves .Over time other events were added like boxing and  horse racing After   one thousand  years the ancient Olympics were  banned by  the Christians .The ancient Olympics were    remembered   To bring hope  and  Peace .

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

The sky tower.

The Auckland  sky tower is near Hobson street  and halfway to Miss Scanlan's  house. The sky tower is near where  the  viaduct  is .

The sky tower look’s like a  yummy ice cream with chocolate on the top of the ice cream . the other thing that the sky tower look’s like is that it look like a 1980 war sword when people had to only create our own .

In the sky tower is a restaurant   with a cafe and a telescope to see what’s is at the bottom   of the sky tower .   You can go and do a jump of the sky tower on the edge  

of the sky tower.Did you notice  that the sky tower is about 328 meters  tall.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Dream Bedroom

The Art Gallery

The art gallery was in the Pt England school hall . Room thirteen went to see  the art gallery. in the art  gallery is  where  people’s art are and creating an awesome  opportunity    to make an art to show the school what you been up to.first I went in an  cool  cave that had very cool lights that glow in the dark.

My favourite part was when we saw other people’s art about what they  where up to.My other favorite part was  when we saw our own work . It was awesome to see art that people had done.

It  was great  that people did an cool art  of doing a good job. But most of all I am most happy that they fishin off properly just like our Cordelia  in  assembly in the school hall. I love everybody work and Myself.