Friday, 24 June 2016


Today we are writing about Coldplay.Coldplay   is a cool band from England and London . the song is UP and UP the album is a head full of Dreams.

I  like it when they had a race track on Saturn's rings. Ones there was a real giant . In Samoa was the  left footprint  and the right  is in Fiji and the body is in Tonga.

My favourite part of the video was when there was  a eagle in the sea. My other favourite part was the opening to space and back to  earth . Now my la favourite part was when the people  playing football on a sponge.


  1. i like the way you used lots of detail in your graphics. spent a lot of time on your picture. animated with steady movements.

  2. i enjoyed reading your syory because it made me laugh. it made me smile. it had lots of detail. you used clever words. you wrote in paragraphs. l learnt