Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Olympics games

A long long time ago  in Olympia Greece  they standard the Ancient Olympic games all they did was small running races and the winner got a crown made out of olive leaves .But about 1000 years the ancient Olympic games were band by the christian's . The new Olympic games were add to other country's . Today in Rio the 2016 Olympic  games is going to be in the Rio de Janeieo. Before the Olympics games  start they have to run with the torch flame mast be past to runner to and has to run around  Rio de Janeieo .


  1. Good job. I have a questions, Why did they get a crown made out of olive leaves.


  2. I like how you can draw like that is so cool. Good job.
    By Abagail Room 9 From H.E.S

  3. I like your olympics art it likes nice I wonder were you got the pic for show a style made by hand.From Caylee