Friday, 26 August 2016

Cross Country

On Friday the 19 of August  we had a cross country on the middle of the field .At cross country all the house teams had to do a chants on the courts .We had to run 1 kilometre and outside the gate . 

Before  the race I  felt really  nervous  . We had to line up on the white line and Mr Burt had to clap the clapper . Then off we went  in first place who won last year’s race is Tisa he is he champion at running . 

In my photo collection is 4 photo’s that I put on my  google  slide   . On the side  of my collection is my friend Lennox who I meet when I started this school. In the  middle is my favorite photo  of me helping people who are suffering by running .


  1. well you are a good drawer
    we draw like yous
    it would be cool if you cold put a video on
    by juvil room 12

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  3. i was wondering if cold video of you running

    by kahawai