Friday, 17 March 2017

Year 5 and 6 camp

Hello my name is Giovanni and I am  a year 5 at pt England school . today I will be writing about the
year 6 and 5 camp that was really fun. I hope you enjoy :-)

On Wednesday  we had a Awesome camp   for team 4 . At the pt England school it is all about the outside world that god gave us . This program has been running for 26 Years and we just had the 27 camp it was really fun.

1 of the  activity was get lost you 5 teams and there is 6 people 1 person has  to be the photo person that take's photo's of the obstacles.

I learn that  we had to work as a team to get through Obstacles and also I learned that it

doesn't  matter if you team wins or not it's about having fun.
Also it is about doing your best and try something new .

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Walking down to the Creek

 Room 9  :Miss Timmy And Mrs Buchanan.

We  walked to the creek  during our writing time towards  the Gi Pools, and we saw a health sign that says Do Not swim or feed the Ducks”,,there were plenty of rubbished lying around the creek as well as inside it smells revolting ,our class continue on walking back to our classrooms and started to plan our recounts .