Tuesday, 12 December 2017

8 times table Song-Plan and Song

When I was a young boy I didn't know my 8 times then I went to my teacher it was the worst day I ever had then I went and leant my 8 times (8 times) 8 16 then 12 (what!) I suck at this (yep you do) I dont no my 8 times. I don’t know my 8 times,

When I was a young boy I didn't know my times tables then I whent to my teacher it was the worst! day I ever had went and leant my 8 times tables  you gotta learn your 8 times okay when was 8 to 9 started learn my 8 time

Once I was 10 years old  My Teacher  told me, Go home and learn your 8 times tables pleas. Once I was 10 years .8x 8  8 2  =  

Our Cyber smart Song-Plan and Song

Cybersmart Song

Smart Media: Image Attribution; Creating our own media; being critical things online.


Lyrics: We are the Pt England boys, we’re ready to learn

Story Starter - what happens next?

Sam’s sister wasn’t going to believe that a huge toilet monster with three blood sucking tentacles took her smartphone. So Sam bravely went under the house and into the stinky sewerage pipe jungle.
What happens next?

Sam went to Hogwarts to get his invisible coat and  his wand to defend himself.As he came back he saw something lurking in the dark it wasn't the 6 sewer monsters, it was the dark lord, voldemort!.Sam couldn't  believe his eyes. He quickly hid behind a rock where he thought was safe,  but as soon as he look on the edge he saw

voldemort using the sewer’s  monsters running away from him because he was attacking them with his wand .Now sam was confused would he save the 6 sewer’s monsters.Or run away.It was not long till he made his decision, He ran towards voldemort and used Expecto Patronum to make him go back to the dark side,where he belongs.After that the 6 sewer monsters apologised to sam and gave his sisters smartphone back,Somehow he find his way back in the bathroom and now he will never takes his sister phone again ever again.
The End

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Fraction Game

Today we played a fraction game, the aim of the game is to get all of the red dots to the other side.when they turn yellow you can't take it back.If you like to try it here is the disruption down below.

Hour Of Code

Today we did Hour of coding, We had to code stuff to get our character moving into different direction.If you want to check it out  there is a description down below.It is the game I was playing.

Friday, 1 December 2017

My Astronaut Suitcase

these are the things I will take to space .

Kiwi Kapers

I am a musician, and I play the harp.A harp has 47 strings and 7 pedal,It makes the highest notes in the strings family.There are also the Violins,violas,Cellos ,and the double Bass’s.I have to pluck the strings and at the same time I have to press a pedal to make a noise.For me I have to practice every day so I can make a great performance in the Orchestra.

In the Orchestra performance I felt nervous because I might get  the notes wrong after a few minutes I got the hang of it. After 3 hours of playing instruments I was very proud of myself and my family were shouting my name loud and proud.I actually nearly cried.