Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Art Gallery

The art gallery was in the Pt England school hall . Room thirteen went to see  the art gallery. in the art  gallery is  where  people’s art are and creating an awesome  opportunity    to make an art to show the school what you been up to.first I went in an  cool  cave that had very cool lights that glow in the dark.

My favourite part was when we saw other people’s art about what they  where up to.My other favorite part was  when we saw our own work . It was awesome to see art that people had done.

It  was great  that people did an cool art  of doing a good job. But most of all I am most happy that they fishin off properly just like our Cordelia  in  assembly in the school hall. I love everybody work and Myself.

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  1. Hi Giovanni hope your having fun looking at all tho's picturs it look's like you're having fun already.By Erana HES