Monday, 12 September 2016

My weekend

On Friday after school  I played on my Xbox 360 with my game gears for war 3  just like a normal day on a weekend. But then I  got tired   I  went on my iPad for the  night then  I fell asleep . The very next day my family went to see my brother who was at the hospital me and my big brother Tino stay home for the day. Tino  went to do the chores but I watch some movies these are the movies that I watch the forbidden kingdom the ip man 2 and 1  then I played switch colour on the  game mods first I  the brick mod  and slow mod then shoot mod then I went to sleep. On Sunday I stay home but my family went to my brother again so I did the same thing as yesterday  but I did not know that Calvin  was at the hospital so  I just  try to forgot that and  I did. My dad told me to go sleep and I did.

DID YOU KNOW  that my cousin Calvin has his own YouTube  channel  and I'm mostly in it . Calvin can be search up on google   his kinda cool but he likes to do some DJ on launchpad games I played it and it was awesome you really got to try it  but you need try learn the keys to put it in order .  

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