Thursday, 22 September 2016

In the hoildays

In the holidays I am going to my  cousins house to sleepover for a week and I might go to Jump but cost a lot  of money. My  family  might be going to Rainbows End for the day and when they get home  my brother will go to his chromebook and play games . When I am still at my cousin's house  me and my cousin Calvin We will play on the PS3 and listen to some music.

I would like to go to Australia and you New York for 3 weeks When am I Australia I would like to meet my cousin and I would like to play PS4.At New York I would like to go visit the Statue of Liberty and I would like to me the characters from Avengers.Well I'm still at New York I would like toGo around the city and just see some more experience to New York.


  1. you did the same as my 1 but i like by

  2. thank you cj for your comments