Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Narrative Writing

Once upon a time in a royal castle a little girl wanted to  be like other girls  . Her name was kite  she had a  baby sister called Amy and had  twin brothers named joy and toy they both think of the same thing .Her father was a royal writer and her mother was a royal dancer. She hated to be royal so she said “I did not like to be a royal princess” out loud . She did not know that her father’s royal writing’s were here . After they all went   she got kick out and no longer was a royal princess . She was found in the street by some good people  who let her in they house.

When she was there they welcomed her to there family and she was a normal girl .When she was 13  she was allowed to go and buy her own stuff  when she got kidnapped by 3 big guys and was thrown in the forest .In 2 days she was really hungry and she search and search for food and was lost . After that she saw big an apple and a banana . She  bit both  fruit  and said “ that was really yummy” . until she was found by a giant , the giant put her in a jag right next to the pot . when the giant opened the jag she ran and ran until she was out of the  forest .

After that she went back home and told the cop’s that they  were 3  big mean  guys who put her in  the forest  and they were captured  and the girl live happy ever after .


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