Friday, 11 December 2015


1 I like going to the museum to look at fossils that benn  in 65 million  years ago. I learned that dinosaur are meat eater  and plant eaters. Some scientists looks for fossil but sometime they find dinosaur bones. The people that look for fossil are called paleontologists. 

This year Room 13 made a song and it's was call gowning up a girl name piscina with a smiley face and another girl name Levonah and a boy name Giovanni Miss king take Giovanni Levonah and passerina. Miss King took us to the Mountain Miss king told pisirina Levonah giovanni to sing we i ever had did it and then our class sing with us miss king made the song and movie and shared it with the world. 

This year I felt excited because Miss King give fun stuff we can do.

This year was really good because Miss King is the funniest teacher i ever had.

I can make it better next time by adding more ideas.

Wasn't great was getting  hit by boy.

I learned that I had to be responsible to look after my ipad .

The most interesting thing was tiny tap it's fun. 

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